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Stage door of The Crucible. (16/07/14)

Not too many people today, but a little crowded at the end of the queue…

Anyway, Richard seemed in a good mood.

But I noticed that his hair was still wet because of the shower before he came out. Hope he won’t catch cold again!

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jkrfan7 asked: how bad was the queue for the crucible stage door? did richard rush? was it packed?



It was not horrible at all!  I’m used to the way it is in NYC where they set up barriers and everyone mobs it and shouts and waves their programs to be signed, but here is so much nicer.  Everyone queues up nice and polite, and it wasn’t as packed as I imagined it would be.  The other cast members don’t really go down the line, so you have to step out and ask them for an autograph if you want it (and if you make friends in line they’ll let you back in).  Richard went down the line and autographed everyone’s program if they wanted, and if they asked for a photo he obliged.  It was pretty great all around!  Do you have plans to go?

In a couple of short videos, when someone said thank you or complimented him, Richard said Bless You, often.
He’s a gentleman, his parents raised him properly.
He looks pretty wiped out, but he still respects his admirers. I just hope he stays healthy.

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